Sponsored Vietnamese Community Health Fair

On Saturday, 22 September, annual healthcare festival was held in the city of Duluth in the state of Georgia under the supervision of a Vietnamese community organization BPSOS at Assi Super Market Plaza, 1630 Pleasant Hill Road.It was a colorful get-together event for the Community.
Note that, a familiar Non-Profit Organization of Atlanta, M & J Foundation and the other business group Miss Saigon Catering has come forward as a proud sponsor.
From 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. on that day, the guidance of senior doctors, health related issues, opinions and suggestion is given to the senior citizen.
Besides, the necessary prescriptions and medicines are provided after the diagnosis and testing of the patients with care.
Jamil Imran, President of the M & J Foundation, praised such community services and assured them to stay next to the people’s welfare programs in future.
On behalf of the M & J Foundation at the Health Festival, the director was Mai Tran and Ann Rith. They played a commendable role there.